And I’m not even Lutheran

After lunch with Dad (See the previous post. Yes, these discussions happened on the same day), Cathy & I took the boys to Six Flags. We were given 2012 season tickets, but if you went before the end of October this year, you also got free parking. Apparently, lots of folk had the same agenda because the line in the park for season ticket registration took nearly 90 minutes. Oh well. That’s not the story.

So we decide to take in a little bit of the park before heading home. I’m not much of a rider, so usually it’s the three of them on the ride while I wait at the exit for them. I’m fine with that.

As I wait for their turn on some stomach-turning ride, a man and his two daughters finish their ride and walk past me as they exit. He looks directly at me and talks to/at me as he passes. But he’s not speaking English. I simply smiled at him and his girls as they passed, trying to be friendly. I actually thought he was Bosnian (we have a large Bosnian population in St. Louis), and he had mistaken me for a fellow ex-pat.

My assumption was incorrect.

So my family finishes their turn, and as I prepare to greet them, the man returns to my view and says, “Did you understand what I was saying to you?”

After the shock of his now perfect English, I tell him that I did not.

He then asks me if I know who Jesus Christ is? I said yes to that one.

Did I know what Jesus’ last words on Earth were? Again, I said yes.

“What were they?” he asked. I recited Matthew 28:18-20.

“And do you know what else?” he said. I didn’t know where he was going, but he quickly cited Acts 1 – go and wait in Jerusalem.

“Do you know why they had to wait?” Yes

“Why?” For the Helper to show up.

“Then what happened?” He showed up, and the church began.

“And what else? What happened after the Holy Spirit came to them?” Finally I get where he wants to go with this. Tongues. Some spoke in tongues.

“Not some – all of them, ” he says. He then tells me to not quench the Spirit. I’m stunned by the whole bleeping oddity of this exchange, and don’t have much confidence that the two of us could have an intelligent conversation about the perpetuity of charismatic gifts, so I’m ready to end this.

I said, “Did you know that tomorrow is Reformation Sunday? Happy Reformation day, brother,” and walk away.

“Don’t be afraid of the Spirit!” he called after me.

“Happy Reformation Day!” I replied.


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