For Shame, Sports Fans, For Shame

My dad turned 75 last Friday. We planned to have lunch with him on Saturday, so I went to the Christian bookstore in the morning to get him a gift.

Sidebar: I hate Christian bookstores, but I know that I can find something my dad will like there. Otherwise, I try to minimize my visits there. You’ll soon see why.

I’m the only customer in the store, so the happy Christian bookstore employee is talking to me as I wander around the aisles. Of course, much of the conversation is about the Cardinals winning the World Series 12 hours earlier.

As I get to the counter to purchase dad’s gift (a Gaither Homecoming DVD – Dad’s a sucker for those!), happy Christian bookstore guy says, “But you know, I can’t help but wonder…”

And I know where he’s going, so I braced myself.

“I wonder if all those fans in the stadium would be screaming and cheering for Jesus.”

And there is was. I got Jesus Juked.

I collected my change, picked up my purchase, and headed toward the door. “I guess it depends. Would He hit a home run?”

Happy Christian bookstore guy of course replied that Jesus had already hit a grand slam (you know – that whole resurrection thing), so I said “amen” and wished him a good day before the door closed.

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