Batter Up!

I played little league baseball for a couple of years. I wasn’t any good. My team wasn’t any good.

My least favorite part of baseball was batting. I found the whole experience generally terrifying, especially as a left-handed batter (Quick fact about me: I’m right-handed, but bat left. I golf left. I kick with the left foot. Weird, I know…). Let me describe it to you:

First, they make you wear this giant piece of plastic on your head, but since there are only 2 for the whole team, the thing sort of rests on your scalp and flops around. Your ears are covered except for a small hole designed to let you hear, but basically acts as a wind tunnel. All I heard was the roar of gale-force winds being channeled directly into my ear cavity (okay, I’m being melodramatic here, but it’s my blog).

Then standing on the mound – which in little league is about 12 feet away – is another 8 year-old kid. In his hand is, let’s face it, a glorified rock. And he gets to throw it at me as hard as he can. We won’t let an 8 year-old drive a vehicle or fire a weapon because he’s not coordinated enough to do so, but we’ll let him chuck a rock  with all his might at close range. Plus, he’s used to right-handed batters, so a lefty just makes him all the more unpredictable.

Beanball time.

The first year of playing, my batting average was 000. If I got on base it was because I walked or got beaned. If I was lucky, I would strike out quickly and return to the bench. I still get a little jittery thinking about the walk from the on deck circle to the plate.

But I also remember the peace I felt when I walked back to the bench afterward, complaining about the stupid blind ump, and thanking God I was still alive.

Peace. Paul says we can experience peace that surpasses all understanding. Real peace. We have a good and loving God who wants to give His children peace.

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