You just can’t trust the homeless anymore

I wanted an afternoon snack. Decided I wanted a chocolate shake. There’s a Hardee’s one block from the office.

Hardee’s + shake = snack craving fulfilled.

As I’m walking to said Hardee’s a homeless dude walking toward me asked if I could give him money for something to eat, or if I would just get him something to eat. Since I’m heading toward an eating establishment, I said yes, and asked what he would like. He said he wanted ice cream. I said that’s exactly what I was getting. Would he like a chocolate shake? He answered in the affirmative.

I continue walking toward Hardee’s, him following, and he asks if he can get a hamburger, too. “A hamburger and a chocolate shake? Okay,” I said, and went in to make the order.

He then stepped into the restaurant and began cussing like a sailor, threatening the people near him. Two Hardee’s employees slowly engage him and escort him out the door with graceful ease of something they’ve done before with this man.

The man stood outside the door, swearing loudly, but at least staying near the corner. I’ve already made and paid for the order, and plan on just handing it to him on my way out. But then he starts to wander down the street, past the windows until I can’t see him any more.

When my order arrives I walked outside and looked down the street. He was gone. So now I’m stuck with two chocolate shakes and a hamburger, and no (crazy) homeless guy.

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