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I’m sorry. Forgive me. You’re fired.

NOTE: I wrote this last April.

I love it when grace shows up on TV.

While not a devoted watcher, I occasionally tune in to Celebrity Apprentice on Sunday nights. D-list or former superstars compete for their favorite charity. Trump pokes at them in the board room, then fires one each week.

So far this season, it’s been the men against the women, and while the women’s team has its share of eccentricities, the whack jobs are on the men’s team. And by far the biggest oddballs are Gary Busey and Meatloaf.

Gary Busey. Meatloaf. These guys are poster children for all things nutty.

But let’s get to the grace part…

Last night’s task was an art gallery project. Team members had to create art, then sell it that night at a New York “art gallery.” The team that makes the most money for their charity wins the task.

Now, nobody on either team is particularly gifted as artists, (although some of the outcomes were pretty interesting), which probably raised their stress levels as they got started. Teams bought their own art supplies – canvases, paints, brushes & sponges, etc.

As the men’s team is getting started, Meatloaf can’t find some of his art supplies, but notices that Gary Busey has begun using some of the same stuff. Meatloaf goes absolutely bat-crap crazy and shouts at Gary for “stealing” his stuff. Gary is bewildered (pretty much his typical self), and Meatloaf keeps ramping up, threatening violence. Fellow team members separate them. John Rich does a pretty good job of cooling down the room by reminding them that they are working for charity. Meatloaf, however is still fuming.

Then somebody finds Meatloaf’s bag of art supplies. Busey had not actually stolen them.

The day goes on. Both teams are working on their projects. The men’s team finishes early and gets to the gallery with plenty of time to arrange the space, with enough time to relax a bit before the gallery opens.

Here’s where the grace appears. The guys are eating dinner out of foam containers, sitting in folding chairs. Gary & Mr. Loaf sit facing each other, and Meat starts talking.

He confesses to Gary the shame he feels for how he spoke to him. “This has been tearing me up inside all day,” he said. Even if Gary had taken his supplies, which he acknowledges was a misjudgment, Meat should have never spoken to Gary that way. “I’m very sorry, and ask that you please accept my apology.”

Gary looks Meat in the eyes and says, “I accept your apology. I forgive you.” He also had a goofy acronym for FORGIVE, but it didn’t change the moment of grace for me.

Busey at one time claimed to be a Christian. For all I know he still does. I don’t know Mr. Loaf’s spiritual status. But what a beautiful picture of grace.

I’m so sorry. Will you please accept my apology?

I accept your apology. I forgive you.

I almost teared up watching that last night.

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