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Waiting for Christmas

Christmas decorations

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As a kid, I was usually the first one up on Christmas morning. I began a “tradition” of turning on the tree lights and just enjoying the solitude. I would look at my distorted reflection in the ball ornaments, smiling at my giant nose, seeing if I looked better in red or green or pale blue (it was red).

And then I would have to wait for my brother and parents to wake up before we could open presents. It was torture sometimes. There they are, sitting under the tree, my name on the tags. But I can’t open them yet. They are mine, but they are not mine yet.

And so I waited.

There are several places in scripture that use words like at the right time — or my favorite — in the fullness of time, God’s promised provision arrived. There are centuries of silence between the Old and New Testaments, and then our Savior is born.

What is the significance of waiting? What is the secret of God’s timing?

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